The Importance of Having A Healthy Sex Life

Having a healthy sex life is extremely important for overall health an wellbeing. You must have a healthy natural diet, regular exercise, and meditate often. Meditation is essential for stress relief (mind health) and exercise is necessary for the health and wellbeing of your body. Sex is good for both stress relief and exercise.

Because sex has so many positive benefits, it is highly recommended that anyone interested in a natural healthy lifestyle should try to have sex as often as possible.

Lack of sex can actually cause increased stress and anxiety. In fact, the stress and anxiety from lack of sex can cause one to seek out sex even less. Then the act of sex itself can become stressful. It is a vicious cycle.


Some reasons why men may not want to have sex has to do with performance anxiety and even the size of their penis. Most women know this and are very good about helping men overcome the mental stress and anxiety that is caused by such issues. Still, it is a troubling problem for many men.

The solution may lie in having a program in place that will help men perform better and increase the size of their penis. The activity of jelqing can actually help in this regard. To learn more visit

Seeking out other forms of stress relief and exercise are a perfectly suitable substitute to sex, and regular exercise and meditation can actually lead to more sex. Getting rid of the stress associated with sex is all that’s needed for some men. Once it becomes less of an issue, sex starts to become available more often.

Being out of shape and overly stressed out can put of negative vibes that repel women, while living a healthy stress-free life will put off positive vibes that will attract more women into your life.

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